Aveline Beauty Bundle

$19.99 $27.99

The new Aveline razor for women is the perfect combination between travel-sized portability and full-sized shave experience.  The fingertip design along with the gliding rollers allow for nick-free leg and body shaving.  The Aveline Starter Kit comes complete with our full skincare line up that will give you, or your significant other, the ultimate shave.



  • One razor handle
  • One 6-blade cartridge
  • One Salt & Sugar Body Scrub (Size: 150 ML / 5 OZ)
  • One Shea Butter Shave Cream (Size: 150 ML / 5 OZ)
  • One Botanical Body Lotion (Size: 150 ML / 5 OZ)
  • One Tie Dye Face Mask