Aveline, pronounced av-uh-leen, is a radical departure from women’s conventional “blade and stick” razors. Offering subscription and a la carte options, Aveline is an ergonomic, web-only razor line, re-imagining the female shaving experience.

Get a Leg Up 
Aveline is changing the way women shave. We designed our razor to look different and perform better. It’s easy to see from the finger-controlled ergonomic handle to the 3 plus 3 flexible blade that Aveline caters to women’s specific body shaving needs. We want all women to have a superior shave, so whether this is your first grooming experience or you need a little extra help gripping the handle, Aveline makes every shave a close shave. 

Pink Tax Facts
We like to think of ourselves as a game changer for women’s razors. Not just because we provide the smoothest shave possible, but because we do away with the Pink Tax. What’s that you ask? The Pink Tax is the extra amount applied to products marketed to women. Think personal care, clothes and even vehicle repair. It’s not fair and we’re not here for it. From our re-fills to skincare products, we made sure you pay a fair price, period.

The Same But Different
Basic is boring. We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to give women the closest, smoothest shave possible and that means doing things a little differently. Our razors have the easiest cartridge change system on the planet- seriously. The multi-pivot function allows for an optimally controlled shave while the innovative ergonomic handles feature a finger ring so you can hold it whatever way is easiest for you. We even have a built-in stand so you don’t have to worry about Aveline rusting if you accidentally set it down. We’ve meticulously thought through every step of the shaving process so you can shower, shave and get on with your busy day.

Todd Greene
The original HeadBlade was designed by Todd Greene in 1997 and follows the axiom "necessity is the mother of all invention." Besides winning numerous national and international design awards, Greene’s HeadBlade is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. His most recent design, the MOTO, won a Red Dot Design 2017 Award, and A' Design Award Bronze 2018. Since 1999, HeadBlade has pioneered the headcare market and expanded the company's product range to incorporate complete skin care. He is now concentrating his design acumen on women's grooming with Aveline.