Shaving Tips

No matter how seasoned you are, it’s not always easy getting the fresh, clean shave you want. At Aveline, we know a thing or two about shaving, and we’ve decided to share our top 5 tips for the perfect shave.

Follow these 5 simple steps to get the most out of your shave.


1. Prep prep prep!

Prepping the skin is the most crucial part of getting a close shave. Dry hair is not only more uncomfortable to shave, but it can also damage your razor blades, so make sure to moisturize with water AND shaving cream before shaving. If you want to kick it up a notch, try exfoliating skin before shaving. Removing any dead skin breathes new life into the skin, making it smoother for the razor to glide along. Check out our Salt & Sugar Body Scrub for the perfect exfoliant to get your skin razor-ready!


2. Go with growth

When shaving, always remember to shave in the direction of hair growth to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs. If you’re looking for a closer shave, you can try shaving against the grain, but move carefully and use shaving cream! Try Aveline’s Shea Butter Shave Cream for an extra layer of protection for a seamless shave.


3. Blades 101

Unfortunately, when it comes to a high quality shave, not just any old razor will do. Usually, the more blades in a cartridge, the more precise the shave will be. Make sure to find a cartridge that is encased in something that will moisturize skin as you shave  most cartridges include a moisturizing strip of aloe to soothe sensitive skin. Aveline cartridges come with six (6) blades AND a moisturizing strip of aloe, vitamin E, and lavender oil, ensuring you get a precise shave without drying out skin.


4. Once is enough

A common mistake many people make when shaving is going over the same areas several times, thinking it will give them a closer shave. But don’t be fooled! Using a razor on hairless skin is actually a main cause of irritation and razor burn. Instead of going over the same areas multiple times, find a razor that removes hair in just one swipe. Not only are Aveline cartridges precise, but they pivot in all directions, allowing them to cover maximum surface area in each swipe.


5. Post-shave practices

Another common mistake is applying lotion immediately after shaving. Because freshly shaved skin is often incredibly sensitive, it’s best to wait approximately 30 minutes before applying anything to it, as it is susceptible to stinging and irritation. If you can’t stand the feeling of skin without lotion, try moisturizing with something a little more natural that won’t aggravate the skin. Try Aveline’s lightweight Botanical Body Lotion to leave skin feeling touchably soft after shaving.

What are some of your favorite shaving hacks? Let us know!