Use it like a regular razor, but get much better results.



Each of our razors comes with three rollerballs at the base of the handle to help the razor effortlessly glide along the skin while you shave. Adding a second contact point creates a suspension that allows the razor to automatically pivot, giving you more control and better maneuverability. Pretty creative, huh?


Finger Ring

Why limit yourself? Our finger-ring lets you choose what grip works best. It’s flexible, non-slip, and ergonomic, so you can’t go wrong.


No matter how you hold it, you’ll never want to let it go.



Our cartridges have everything you need. Along with 6 uber-precise, top quality blades that flex in the center, each cartridge comes with a lubricating strip of vitamin E, aloe, and lavender oil  that’s what we call a triple threat.

Aveline has the easiest cartridge changing system in the industry–no joke. With the push of a button, our cartridges come right off the handle, so you can pop those cartridges on and off whenever you please.

Because of Aveline’s unique shape, you don’t need a docking station to keep your blades in pristine condition. Just rest the razor on the finger ring, and it will stand up on its own!